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Blogging without compromising

What people usually blog about? What is not there on the Net yet? How to be more useful and less boring? These are probably very common questions beginner bloggers ask themselves. So do I. Well, I don't think anybody would be excited to know what I had for lunch today or yesterday. And Barack Obama most likely knows better then I what he and his administration should and shouldn't do. So let's skip those.

I thought perhaps I could blog about what I know best - the information technologies, the newest breakthroughs in the most bleeding edges of the technologies I'm currently working on. That would be fascinating. That would be fresh. In such topics I could go on and on. But if I go for it there might be a risk of exposing the know-how of my employer therefore a possible breach of the non-disclosure agreement I have signed with the client. Bummer... Well, this is something to think about then. OK, I need to do some research on how other fellow bloggers deal with this dilemma.