What people say about Mikhail Kyraha. These endorsements are taken from an independent social networking web-site without editing. All referrals are written by the respective authors and express their sole opinions.

“Michael is nothing short of amazing. They were looking for 2 people and Michael did the work of 2. If you are looking for more of a recommendation please feel free to contract me. I could go on for hours. 651 994 7900”Bert Hill, Owner, BAHAMA Consulting

“Michael is an excellent designer and developer. He adapts quickly to various architectures and is a good person to have on the team when you want serious functionality without sacrificing performance.”Kevin Jepsen, Application Developer, Sprint

“Michael has great problem solving skills and is methodical in his approach. He has strong perl knowledge and is very competent in a LAMP environment. He successfully completed a crucial project from conception, to multiple refinements, and finally to deployment with minimal requirements. He also analyzed one of our ailing applications, restored it back to life, and improved functionality and performance in a short time. He works comfortably both as an individual and in a team setting. On a personal note, he has a nice sense of humor and is a good person to be around with. He is a decent foosball player, but needs help in table tennis. ;-)”Barry Tsai, Technical yahoo, Yahoo!

“I had the great pleasure to work with Michael Kyraha at Nextel Partners (purchased by Sprint) on several web development/reporting projects. Michael was a great person to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable, creative, an excellent problem solver and is able to convey very complex solutions in a straightforward manner that is easily understood by non-technical people. In addition, Michael is able to quickly understand a basic scope and extrapolate the detailed requirements from it. He showed a tremendous ability to think through a problem or requirement fully in a very short period of time and come up with an architecture/approach to best implement a solution. On a personal level, Michael was a fun person to have on the project team. He is easy going, has a very good sense of humor, and got along well with everyone. His ready smile and quick wit livened-up team meetings. It would be great to have a chance to work with him again.”Jennifer Baluyut, Application Developer, Nextel

“Michael was a pleasure to work with. He can work with minimal supervision and takes an idea and puts his energy behind making it happen. I hired Michael to implement the Firefox instrumentation for an internal application and he completed the project by reaching out to colleagues to get ideas and directions and validating his approach to the solution. He has a strong perl experience. I would gladly work with Michael again in the future.”Ramin Naimi, Sr. Manager/Architect, Yahoo!

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