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A seasoned software engineer with hands-on experience with a wide variety of database engines. Comfortable with C++, Python, Perl and many other programming languages. Very good in moving data around in large amounts as well as in parallel processing, while math or other data transformations is not a challenge too. Has quite a sack of system administration and low-level coding background in the past.

Areas of Expertise: Perl IPCMozilla, AjaxPerlPHPLAMPMySQLOracle, Sybase ASE, Apache web serverPostgreSQLRed Hat LinuxFedora CoreHTMLJavaScriptHTTP protocolSendmail mail serverBIND dns name serverFreeSide billing automation for ISPs, ICRadius and FreeRadius authentication servers, RADIUS protocolXOOPS and Joomla content management systems, Adobe Photoshop and GIMP image editors.

Strength: Best in designing the concept and implementing science intensive applications. Also good in troubleshooting, bug hunting, rewriting and optimizing.

Work experience

Senior Developer (Contract) - Present
Moving data around in the databases of a world famous data feed provider
Technologies used: XML Schema, Perl, Sybase, Autosys.

Senior Developer (Contract)
Adopting Mozilla Firefox technology for measuring web-sites performance. Creating a dæmon for managing many instances of Firefox in a server using Perl and Unix Interprocess Communications (IPC)
Technologies used: Perl and C++.

Perl Programmer (Contract)
Designing an in-house web-development framework and developing various web-based applications in it to be used by the company's customer care and billing departments.
Technologies used: Perl, Apache, Oracle.

Web Developer (Contract)
Evaluated and compared features of two Content Management Systems (CMS), Xoops and Joomla to help the company's client to choose one. Created custom components for Joomla CMS. Designed database schema, PHP classes, HTML objects and XML descriptions in Joomla's framework.

System Analyst
Analyzed and developed migration strategies and migrated customer database and billing system from commercial software (Extent RBS-ISP, Oracle, WindowsNT) onto open source software (IC-Radius, MySQL, Freeside, PostgreSQL, Linux). Designed and implemented SSL-encrypted interface between credit card processing system and the web-server, each located at different sites. Extended billing (Freeside/Perl) and remote access authentication software (IC-Radius/C++) to match company needs.
Designed and implemented in Perl an electronic trouble-ticket management system and built it as a Perl module for Freeside.

Project manager, Software Engineer
Designed and evaluated network installations for clients. Analyzed client needs, prepared and estimated project plans, managed a group of developers. Designed corporate web-site, developed backend software. Maintained web and mail servers (Sendmail, Apache, Linux), network routers, and switches.

Sakhabilii Bank
System Analyst
Supported a microchip bank card processing system. Developed custom reporting modules for the bankcard processing software. Developed secured export of account data for the bank's branches.

References and/or detailed employment history are available upon request.