About Mikhail Kyraha

Mikhail "Michael" Kyraha is a software developer. His strongest skills are coding in C++, Python and Perl with Oracle | MySQL | Sybase, i.e. any SQL database back-end, in a fast client-server/web architecture as well as in a continuous parallel processing IPC environment. Problems like memory allocation in Perl or dispatching parallel processes in Unix or designing a sophisticated schedule with Autosys are not challenges for him but rather prompts to perform.

Professional Background

He started his career in 1987 as an intern coder at a "Research Institute of Information Technologies and Computer Science" in Russian Federation. Later he specialized in web technologies while he worked as a web designer and application developer at Display LLC, a leading IT company in Yakutia.

Working at a bank, as a System Analyst he gained skills in financial industry and led a team of developers in establishing a microchip bankcard processing system and connecting it to the largest Russian nation-wide smart card network "Zolotaya Korona".

Since 2001, Mikhail has lived and worked in the USA as a full-time and then as a contracting consultant Software Engineer.

Currently (2015) he is working on a large scale financial data interchange project, at Thomson-Reuters Inc., a transnational information technology giant.


Mikhail's fascinated by latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and cybernetics. He also likes to mine new knowledge, fight spam, play foosball, discover the world and be in touch with the wild nature. His hobbies are: Messing around with electronics, Linux, Open Source

Social Activities

A former leader of Yakutsk Linux User Group and an open source contributor of CGI::Ajax, a Perl Module. Currently a software mentor at FRC Team 3130 - The ERRORs, a high school robotics team.


Motto: "I can do all.. just might have to learn how."
Movies: "Back to the future", "Forrest Gump"
Books: "The Quark and The Jaguar: Adventures in the Simple and the Complex" by Murray Gell-Mann, "The Kingkiller Chronicle" by Patrick Rothfuss


To pull a string of an eighteen-wheeler's blow horn.
To design a spacecraft navigation software.